Our Products

Vanco carries a broad range of specialty industrial and control products.

Products Manufacturer
Active Filters TCI
Alternating Relays ABB, Carlo Gavazzi
Aluminum Enclosures BEL, EXM
Battery Cabinets ABB, GE
Breakers - DC ABB, GE
Breakers - Ground Fault ABB, GE
Breakers - Miniature to 63 Amp ABB, GE
Breakers - Molded Case ABB, GE
Breakers - Power to 6000 Amp ABB, GE
Bypass Switches ABB
Cabinets BEL, EXM
Cable Lugs-Crimp Techspan, Penn-Union, ILSCO
Cable Lugs-Screw Techspan, Penn-Union, ILSCO
Cable Ties HellermannTyton, Techspan
Cam Switches ABB
Capacitive Sensors Carlo Gavazzi
Capacitors ABB, GE
Communication and Networking IDEC
Connectors - Multi-Pin Techspan
Consoles BEL, EXM
Contactors - AC ABB, GE
Contactors - DC ABB, GE
Contactors - Definite Purpose ABB
Contactors - Drive ABB
Contactors - Elevator Duty ABB
Contactors - Vacuum ABB
Control Relays ABB, Carlo Gavazzi
Control Stations ABB, GE
Counters Carlo Gavazzi
Crimp Lugs Techspan, Penn-Union, ILSCO
Current Monitors ABB, Carlo Gavazzi
Current Transformers GE, Carlo Gavazzi
DC Breakers ABB, GE
DC Contactors ABB, GE
Definite Purpose Contactors ABB, GE
Digital Instruments Carlo Gavazzi
DIN Rail ABB, Techspan
Disconnect Switches ABB, GE
Drive Contactors ABB
Dupline Remote I/O System Carlo Gavazzi
DV/DT Filters MTE Corporation, TCI
Elapsed Time Meters Carlo Gavazzi
Elevator Contactors ABB
Enclosures - Explosion Proof AKRON ELECTRIC
Enclosures - Metal BEL, EXM
Enclosures - Polycarbonate FIBOX
Energy Meters Carlo Gavazzi
Ferrules Techspan, ABB
Filters - Harmonic MTE Corporation, TCI
Frequency Meters Carlo Gavazzi
Fuseholders Littelfuse, ABB, Edison
Fuses - Midget Littelfuse, Edison
Fuses - Power Littelfuse, Edison, SIBA
Fuses - Semiconductor Edison, FUSETEK
Fuses - Small Littelfuse, Edison
Fusible Switches ABB, GE
Grommetting HellermannTyton, Techspan
Harmonic Filters MTE Corporation, TCI
Hazardous Area Equipment AKRON ELECTRIC
Inductive Sensors Carlo Gavazzi
Junction Boxes - Hazardous AKRON ELECTRIC
Laser Tags HellermannTyton
Level Controls Carlo Gavazzi
Limit Switches Carlo Gavazzi, Crouzet
Line / Load Reactors MTE Corporation, TCI
Liquid Level Controls Carlo Gavazzi
Manual Motor Starters ABB, GE
Manual Transfer Switches ABB, GE
Mechanical Lugs Techspan, Penn-Union, ILSCO
Meters - Energy Carlo Gavazzi
Meters - Switchboard Carlo Gavazzi
Molded Case Breakers ABB, GE
Motor Control Centers GE
Motor Starters ABB, GE
Multi-Pin Connectors Techspan
Operator Interface IDEC
Opto Couplers ABB
Overload Relays ABB, GE
Panel Meters - Digital Carlo Gavazzi
Phase Control Relays ABB, Carlo Gavazzi
Photoelectric Sensors Carlo Gavazzi, SUNX
Pilot Devices ABB, GE
PLC's ABB, Carlo Gavazzi
Power Analyzers Carlo Gavazzi
Power Supplies Carlo Gavazzi, ABB
Power Switchboards GE
Pushbuttons ABB, GE, Techspan
Reactors MTE Corporation,
Relays - Control Carlo Gavazzi, ABB
Relays - Frequency Carlo Gavazzi
Relays - Overload ABB, GE
Relays - Phase Loss ABB, Carlo Gavazzi
Relays - Solid State Carlo Gavazzi
Ring Terminals Techspan, ILSCO
RTD Relays ABB, Carlo Gavazzi
Screw Lugs Techspan, Penn-Union, ILSCO
Semiconductor Fuses Edison, Littelfuse
Sensors - Capacitive Carlo Gavazzi, ABB, IDEC
Sensors - Inductive Carlo Gavazzi, ABB, IDEC
Sensors - Photoelectric Carlo Gavazzi, SUNX, ABB, IDEC
Sensors - Ultrasonic Carlo Gavazzi, ABB, IDEC
Serial Data Converters ABB
Shunts - DC Current Carlo Gavazzi
Signal Converters ABB, Carlo Gavazzi
Sine Wave Filters MTE Corporation, TCI
Soft Starters ABB, Carlo Gavazzi, Teco-Westinghouse
Solid State Relays Carlo Gavazzi
Spiralwrap HellermannTyton, Techspan
Splice Blocks Littelfuse, Edison, ILSCO
Splitter Blocks Littelfuse, Edison, ILSCO
Stainless Steel Enclosures BEL, EXM
Starters - Magnetic ABB, GE
Starters - Manual ABB, GE
Starters - Reduced Voltage ABB, Carlo Gavazzi, GE
Surge Protection ABB, GE
Switches - Cam ABB
Switches - Disconnect ABB, GE
Switches - Fusible ABB, GE
Switches - Limit Carlo Gavazzi
Temperature Controllers Carlo Gavazzi
Terminal Blocks ABB/Entrelec
Terminals - Ring and Fork Techspan, Penn-Union, ILSCO
Thermistor Relays ABB/Entrelec
Timers ABB, Carlo Gavazzi
Transducers ABB/Entrelec, Carlo Gavazzi
Transformers - Control TRANSFAB
Transformers - Instrument Carlo Gavazzi
Ultrasonic Sensors ABB
Vacuum Contactors ABB
Variable Frequency Drives Teco-Westinghouse
Voltage Monitors ABB, Carlo Gavazzi, Crouzet
Wiring Duct HellermannTyton, IBOCO